Dear Friends,

On behalf of the International Advisory Board and the Local Organizing Committee, I am very delighted to welcome all of you at the sixteenth International Conference on the Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry of Germanium, Tin and Lead (ICCOC-GTL16) and at Saitama, Japan. Since the first conference held in Marseille, France in 1974, the field of the chemistry of Ge, Sn and Pb has witnessed plenty of groundbreaking achievements, such as harnessing reactive species, structural and catalytic chemistry, and nanochemistry, thus underlying modern scientific developments.

The main objective of the conference is to bring participants from all over the world to get together over sharing their current results and new ideas on Ge, Sn and Pb chemistry, from fundamental aspects to applications, from the interdisciplinary point of view. Another important objective of the conference is to provide all participants with the opportunity to taste Japanese culture and local Saitama atmosphere.

We hope all of you will enjoy the conference and staying at Saitama. We are strongly looking forward to your participation at the conference and visiting Saitama.

In Saitama, October 1, 2018
Chair of the GTL-16
Masaichi Saito

News & Information

[ September 12th, 2019 ]

The photographs taken during the conference can be downloaded, click here.

[ September 6th, 2019 ]

The conference was successfully over and we very much appreciate your kind participation (for the group photograph, click here). The GTL17 will be held in 2022 in New Zealand organized by Professor Fulton, I hope we will see each other in NZ in 2022.

[ For oral presenters, ]

We encourage you to use your own computers for your presentations and to check your slides at the latest during the coffee break preceding the presentations. In the case that you would like to use our computers (Win and Mac), please deliver your presentation file on a USB memory stick at the latest during the coffee break preceding the presentations. However, your slides could not be properly shown on the screen.

[ For poster presenters, ]

you will use poster boards (W900 mm X H1800 mm).

[ August 28st, 2019 ]

For your onsite registration, the payment by your credit card or by cash is only available. You cannot accept the payment by bank transfer.

[ August 21st, 2019 ]

The schedule of the shuttle buses is revised.
Bus schedule and map of bus stop, click here

[ August 8th, 2019 ]

The travel information is now revised.
For the guests coming from the two Tokyo airports, click here
For the guests coming from the main railway stations, click here

[ August 6th, 2019 ]

The details of the shuttle bus from Omiya to Saitama University via Saitama-Shintoshin (Hotel Brillante Musashino) is uploaded.

[ August 1st, 2019 ]

The confirmed program for the oral and poster presentations is uploaded.
The information on the bus from NRT and HND to Saitama is uploaded.

[ May 14th, 2019 ]

I am sorry that some of you who uploaded your abstracts after May 7th received an error message at the end of the uploading. However, we have already received your abstracts safely, and the submission system has just been fixed. The deadlines of the abstract submission and the registration are extended to May 20th and June 7th at 23:59 (GMT +9 h), respectively.