English contents/Introduction to Department of Chemistry

Purpose and Constitution

A vital function of modern chemistry is to study properties, structures, and functionality of chemical compounds. Nearly 16,000,000 compounds are known and documented in the literature and many of them play important roles and are used in various fields.

Our department consists of two groups, namely, the "synthetic chemistry group" and the "chemical analysis group". Each group studies physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and the border areas between them. One professor from the Chemical Analysis Center of Saitama University also cooperates with our department for education and research. From the beginning of the bachelor course, students learn systematically "physical chemistry", "inorganic chemistry", "analytical chemistry" and "organic chemisty".

Our goal of education

  1. Students need to acquire fundamental knowledge to understand modern chemistry.
  2. Students need to acquire a basic techniques to be a chemistry researcher, a teacher or an engineer.
  3. Students need to acquire deep knowledge and the understanding of the importance of "chemistry" in natural science.

We pay attention to the following points in organizing the curriculums to effectively achieve our educational aims. The courses are planned to insure that the students quickly acquire basic knowledge and take a deeper interest in chemistry.

Educational programs are systematically organized for learning "physical chemistry," "inorganic chemistry," "analytical chemistry" and "organic chemistry." Students will solve problems and be enrolled in practicums to acquire enough analytical techniques using various instruments.

We also organize special lectures about current chemistry by lecturers who are invited from other universities or institutes. Students will be engaged in modern chemical research through "graduation study" in the laboratories.